Tau Business Update and Q&A (June 2021)

6 min readJul 6, 2021

Business Update

During June this week I’ve prepared an outline for a PR content plan which covers place media and our own channels. The next step is finalising the first article of Tau and passing it onto our marketing partners to be distributed. We also have a list of publications that we need to process regarding target audience, order of publication and rating. We also have an influencer list to do the same. We’ve received updated branding concepts from one designer with another on it’s way from another designer. Once we have them we’ll be able to share them with the public. I’ve also worked with Kilian on outlining a Bitcointalk post which we need to update. We have a post structure to fill in to share more up to date information. I’ve participated in pitch deck discussions regarding final improvements before it is used.

I’ve been working on refinements to the pitch deck. We’ve run it past the academic panel, received feedback and have been working on implementing the same. I’ve continued together with Fola to submissions for a tier 1 exchange listing. I’ve helped more generally with the branding we’re currently working on together with our marketing partner. I’ve been looking for a marketing expert to hire as part of the team long term. I’ve been preparing some marketing materials, Quora discussions that relate to Ai, blockchain,etc. Any discussion that may relate to our project. A list of journalists and also crypto focused discord and telegram groups. A checklist of things that can be done to raise awareness for Tauchain. For example, liking Agoras on Coinmarketcap.com. These documents are being aggregated and will be made public to the community to add to. I’ve also been wrapping up the Tau Supporter program. We didn’t get that much attention out of it with 9 participants and the winner being an NFT artist creating 10 different NFTs related to Tauchain.Thank you all for participating. This month’s “community member of the month” is “Rw” for providing his testimonial. They say “Tau’s objective is to help move forward the world by helping people share their knowledge in a useful and easy way. Have you ever had a useful and clear conversation between more than 20 people? Could you imagine the same between 500 people all with different viewpoints on knowledge and opinions. Tau is here to solve this problem. To make the impossible possible. Now imagine how useful it is going to be for governments, large companies and big groups and how much they would be willing to pay to use the technology. Tau will change how we communicate with each other.” If you’d like to leave a testimonial kindly do so here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdTkadBwRB0gjeAxUT1afD2BMB9syhaNWNUeCqJ_bczAoYMYQ/viewform

We have been looking at hiring two people. A UX designer to finish Agoras Live and early prototypes for Tau. I’ve been speaking with recruitment agencies to find high level specialist in the area. I’ve had calls with two UX designers on that front. I expect this to be an active role in filling these roles on my part. I’ve been working on two exchanges to be listed next month. I can disclose they are on the same level as bittrex. We are going through they legal hoops but good news on the Agoras Token listing front. I hope to update you in the next update. I’ve been working alongside Karolina and Kilian’s efforts with the marketing strategy and looking into china and asia publications with Ethan our advisor for Asia markets. We’ve come up with placed media for the top 16 crypto publications so whilst Karolina is going to be working on the western media she’s also going to be incorporating the chinese media. There are also additional marketing partners we are reaching out to in China and we hope to bring them up to speed and see what they can do for us given their good previous client list. I’ve also been working with Kilian on applying to a tier 1 exchange. The process has been long and laborious but hopefully we can convince one to list us. A lot of exchanges preach that they are the first to take on projects that are grounded in fundamentals so we’ve been reaching out to these to make sure they know who we are and begin discussions with them. I’m continuing to work on design aspects. We are also exploring additional avenues with new designers too to be sure which will produce good results.


Q: Are there parts of Tau/Agoras that can be expedited with “quick hacks”, but forward compatible with the intended implementation in the future?

Ohad: We are definitely try to do so. I can’t promise anything for now but we are surely working in this direction.

Q: Do you think a lot of existing crypto projects will be using Tau/Agoras in the near future? If so, why and how?

Ohad: Yes, due to two things. Firsty, the contract language will not only be decidable but it will have more features. It will also have proof of execution. Both of which are very desirable in the blockchain space. Secondly, there will be no need for another blockchain. Tau will be the only blockchain that, by definition, can evolve to do anything.

Q: In the Tau whitepaper there’s a part that says “On Tau, the software’s requirements and specifications are identified with it’s code.”. What does that really mean?

Ohad: Specifications identified with the code; if the specification is indeed complete and specifies what the program should do then you can always query the specification for what to do next and therefore in principle you don’t need code. The specification already gives you all the information.

Q: WIll the Agoras team consider consulting with an economics professor to improve the tokenomics? If we are entering into a crypto bear market I’m concerned the team might run out of resources if Agoras isn’t attractive as a long term store of value.

Ohad: We don’t have specific plans looking for an economics professor but we do have a plan to create an economy over Agoras even before the full Tau is ready. For example by a DHT network featuring a market of provable computation in particle BDD operations you can encode a program (TML is already encoded in BDDs) You will be able to trust the result is correct. We’re working towards a network featuring this economy as a mid step.

Q: How do you envision the user base of Agoras Live/TML until the end of the year? (Number of users, their profiles)

Fola: Agoras Live isn’t released yet and TML 1.0 is scheduled for release in Q4 of this year alongside agoras live. For TML it will have more of a technical user with Agoras Live being designed as a platform for everyone to share knowledge via video. We can’t predict the number of users just yet but we’ve finished our marketing strategy and plan to have a big push for when it launches.

Q: While waiting for the project to reach its fruition, what specific skills are expected or required for people who want to be the first movers to take advantage of TML tech to give value to society? Should the person know the language of C++? Python? Logic? Should they know Mathematics? Economics?

Ohad: The best would be to get familiar with mathematical logic and knowledge representation languages.

Q: One TML and Agoras reach its Launch, since TML is an auto-checker of what people say, people literally would like to always prove themselves correct like a badge of honor and others can see it in an instant whether a person contradicts themself or not. This will establish trust on the platform. As TML is a nomic club and not a nomic game where everyone can benefit from the club. My question is, Could you suggest what type of thinking/discipline should be desirable for a person to have to take advantage of this tech.

Ohad: With Tau being a nomic club or nomic game is the view of the “old”
Tau but now Tau is not based on nomic. What the system can do is detect contradictions; contributing to the notion of truth after all people can say false things that are not contradictory. Then the system will have no way to determine that. They will be able to see experts in the field disagree with that and then trust them but the system as for itself cannot detect truth and false, it can only detect contradictions. As for the first mover, taking advantage of the system would be to have formalised knowledge that people are interested in. There is a lot of formalised open source knowledge out there and there is even the one trillion triples project which is just one project among hundreds so either using this knowledge and bringing it to the platform or creating new knowledge it can create advantage for users.




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